curriculum Particle Astroparticle Physics and Advanced Technologies

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The Particle, Astroparticle Physics and Advanced Technologies curriculum has the objective of training physics graduates specialized in the fields in which the DIF counts the greatest number of researchers and teachers, involved in activities in close synergy with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics. This curriculum is characterized by a great freedom of choice of paths, from experimental high-energy and astroparticle physics to the development of detectors for ionizing radiation both for physics experiments, and environmental or medical applications. Moreover, in this curriculum it is possible to develop in-depth skills in the management and analysis of Big Data, such as those produced in high-energy physics experiments conducted at CERN, underground, under the sea or in space.

Many interdisciplinary skills and abilities can be acquired by graduates in these areas through participation, as their individual thesis projects, in research projects conducted in collaboration with researchers of all over the world, in many international research centers, with a consequent enrichment and contamination of methodological approaches. The curriculum, therefore, intends to prepare graduates for job placement in the national and international academic and industrial world, being able to combine many specialized and operational skills with the ability to work in teams with a great spirit of initiative, especially developed through the research experience in large and varied work groups.

1° anno - sem 1
1. Mathematical Methods of PhysicsPDF
2. Laboratory of Digital DevicesPDF
3. Quantum Field TheoryPDF
4. Particle Detector PhysicsPDF
5. Statistical Data AnalysisPDF
1° anno - sem 2
6. Elementary Particle PhysicsPDF
7.Esame a scelta tra 7.a e 7.b
7.a Interacting Quantum FieldsPDF
7.b Quantum TechnologiesPDF
8. Fundamental InteractionsPDF
9. Esame a scelta tra 9.a 9.b 9.c
9.a High Energy AstrophysicsPDF
9.b Collider Particle PhysicsPDF
9.c Computing TechnologiesPDF
2° anno - sem 1
10. Particle and Radiation Detector LaboratoryPDF
11. Esame a scelta tra 11.a e 11.b 11.c
11.a Scientific Data Analysis LaboratoryPDF
11.b Laboratory of Data Acquisition TechnologiesPDF
11.c Health PhysicsPDF
12. Corsi a scelta dello studente **
Traineeship (Tirocinio)
2° anno - sem 2
Final Examination (Prova finale)