curriculum Condensed Matter Physics and Photonics

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The Condensed Matter Physics & Photonics curriculum contains content borrowed from ongoing pioneering research areas in the DIF. Students will study physics of condensed matter, enabling technologies such as photonics and microelectronics, optical quantum technologies and optoelectronic devices, which are areas of research in which nanotechnologies are used to build up artificial quantum materials with features designed ad-hoc for applications, state-of-the-art spectroscopic techniques and sensing systems. It is a curriculum includes courses that stimulate both cultural deepening and interdisciplinarity, in a branch of physics characterized by extreme vitality and great economic and social impact, thanks to the multiple correlations with other areas of science, such as engineering, biology, chemistry, medicine, environmental sciences and related industrial applications.

1° anno - sem 1
1. e 2. Due esami a scelta tra
1.2.a Mathematical Methods of PhysicsPDF
1.2.b Computational PhysicsPDF
1.2.b Laboratory of Digital DevicesPDF
3. Statistical MechanicsPDF
4. Quantum Field TheoryPDF
5. Condensed Matter PhysicsPDF
1° anno - sem 2
6 Esame a scelta tra 6.a 6.b 6.c
6.a Critical and Non equilibrium PhenomenaPDF
6.b Quantum TechnologiesPDF
6.c Spectroscopy and Computer Modeling of Molecular SystemsPDF
7. Laboratory of PhotonicsPDF
8. Solid State PhysicsPDF
9.Optoelectronics and NanotechnologiesPDF
2° anno - sem 1
10. Laboratory of Quantum OpticsPDF
11 Esame a scelta tra 11.a e 11.b
11.a Physics of Sensors and Laboratory of SpectroscopyPDF
11.b Laboratory of Data Acquisition TechnologiesPDF
12. Free exams
Traineeship (Tirocinio)
2° anno - sem 2
Final Examination (Prova finale)