How to get to Dipartimento Interateneo di Fisica (DIF)

Where is the DIF?
DIF is located in the 
Campus "E. Quagliariello" of the University. 
The Campus Access is allowed to pedestrians 
through entrances in via Re David, 
via Amendola and via Orabona. Cycles, motorcycles and 
cars (with authorization) can access from the entrance 
located in via Orabona n. 4
how to get the DIF from the railway 
leaving the station and take via capruzzi.

Turn left and reach viale della repubblica. Turn left in via re david.

how to get the DIF by BUS
Public transportation by means of:

  • Line 21 (stop: via Re David)
  • Line 22 (stop: via Amendola)
How to get the DIF by Car
  1. From ‘Strada Statale 16bis’:
    Follow south direction (Brindisi-Lecce). take the exit  13A  San Pasquale and enter  via Amendola (about 1 Km). At the 3th crosslight turn left in via Einaudi.then turn right via Salvemini. The Campus Main Entrance is just above the square.
  2. HighWay ‘A14’ from north:
    take exit Bari-Sud and follow indications for  Brindisi. Same exits as in 1.
  3. Highway ‘A14’ from south:
    take exit Bari-Sud follow indications for brindisi then as in 1.
how to get the DIF from the airport
There are many connections from and to the City Center (railway Station) by bus, by train and in taxi.


Autobus n°16:  AMTAB (Azienda Mobilità e Trasporti Autobus Bari). There are many stops, it takes about 50minutes to get the station.  The ticket cost is 1€ (1,50€ bought on board). The bus rate is low (one bus every 40 minutes). The time table is  here.

Tempesta Shuttle: is a much faster bus connection. It takes 30 minutes with two stops. The rate is one bus every 30min and the tickey cost is 4€.  Here other infos.

Train: Is is the fastest way to reach the City center. It takes 15minutes and it costs 5€. There are 5 stops: : Europa, Fesca – S. Girolamo (not always) , Francesco Crispi, Brigata Bari e Quintino Sella. the rate is one every 30minutes. Other info at the following link.

Taxi: the easiest solution. especially for very early departures and very late arrivals. The cost is fixed for Murat, San Nicola, Libertà and railway Station). It is  25€.