Master Degree in Physics: enrolling procedure for foreign students

Information you should read before enrolling



Matriculation procedures: 

Foreign students wishing to enroll in the Physics Master Course at the University of Bari, should proceed as follow:

1) access Bari University  website

2) select “Studenti” -> “Futuri studenti” from the menu (as shown in the image)


3) clic on “Immatricolazione” (matriculation)


4) clic on “effettua esclusivamente on line”  (must be carried out online)



5) clic on “registrarsi”  to obtain temporary login and password (the latter must be modified after the first access)


6) clic on the blue button “Registrazione web” (web registration)


7) foreign students without Italian tax identification code, should tickmark “Studente straniero senza Codice Fiscale Italiano


8) clic on the button “Avanti” (forward)

9) fill all the blanks as requested

Nome*  (name)
Cognome* (surname)
Data Nascita* (birth date, select date from popup calendar)
Sesso* (sex)   ->  Maschio (male)  Femmina (female)
Prima cittadinanza* (first citizenship)
Nazione di Nascita* (Country of birth)
Città non in elenco*  (City of birth)
Codice fiscale  (Italian tax identification code) –  this item must be left blank 

* mandatory informations


10) clic on “avanti” (forward) to get a temporary code which allowes you to register.


11) complete the procedure by filling up all the required forms


further informations and details can be obtained by contacting 

Prof. Francesco Giordano, Coordinator of undergraduate and graduate Physics Degree Courses
Dipartimento Interateneo di Fisica – via Amendola 173
tel.: +39 080 544 3169

if necessary, contact the foreing students office
Orsola CASTORO, O.U. Foreing Students manager
tel. +39 080 571 4643 – 4512 – 4003 – 4324